Andy May


Currently I am a self employed contractor developing and maintaining the Molpro quantum chemistry package.

I have a blog which is occasionally used to provide hopefully useful hints and tips.
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I am the author of and package some software, details can be found here.


Manhui Wang, Andrew J. May and Peter J. Knowles,
Improved Version of Parallel Programming Interface for Distributed Data with Multiple Helper Servers,
Computer Physics Communications, 182(7), 1502-1506 (2011).

Manhui Wang, Andrew J. May and Peter J. Knowles,
Parallel programming interface for distributed data,
Computer Physics Communications, 180(12), 2673-2679 (2009).

Andrew J. May,
Density Fitting in Explicitly Correlated Electronic Structure Theory,
PhD Thesis, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, 2006.
(This phD was supervised by Dr Fred Manby and funded by the EPSRC.)

Frederick R. Manby, Hans-Joachim Werner, Thomas B. Adler, and Andrew J. May,
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Andrew J. May, Edward Valeev, Robert Polly and Frederick R. Manby,
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Andrew J. May and Frederick R. Manby,
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Also selected to appear in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research, 8(5), (2004).


Coulson Prize for presentation at the RSC TCG meeting, 2005 (Nottingham).
First Prize (Joint) for Hewlett-Packard graduate presentation, 2005 (Bristol).
Second Prize for Final Year UG Project Talk, 1999 (Bristol).